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About Us

Luna is...

The answer to your wardrobe woes!

How long do you spend standing at the open door of your wardrobe, desperately seeking inspiration for what outfit to put together today?

How much time do you waste scrolling through the hundreds of pages of identical dresses, belts, and knitwear, waiting for something to jump out that is totally “you”?

I created Luna 10 years ago to bring personality and colour to the high street. And to be somewhere you can go for inspiration, connection, and one-stop-shop style. I wanted to make getting dressed a joy, not a complicated math equation. Luna takes the hard work out of being effortlessly chic. Fresh looks arrive in our store every week from Italy, Germany, France, and our beloved England, like treasure ready to be unpacked. And we keep the classics that you love all year round. So you can pick up your staple black skinnies whenever you need them (you know, like when your 5-year-old covers yours in poster paint). And you can snaffle a cool statement knit to make the school run a little more interesting, or a silky blouse for those pub garden Rosè trips. Imagine having the confidence to put different looks together with ease! That’s what we want to give you. When you visit us, we help you find the best clothes for your shape, colour, and lifestyle. It’s like having your very own personal stylist on hand.


The antidote to buyer’s remorse!

How many times have you bought a dress (after being told by the shop assistant that it “looks lovely, dear!”) only to get it home and find that the colour makes you look like you’ve been hiding from the sun for the last 15 years?
Luna doesn’t butter you up.
If something looks terrible, then we’ll tell you (in a nice way, obviously, because we’re nice people!). We won’t let you walk out of the door with something that doesn’t make you glow. We want you to be just as happy with your new purchase when you put it on in front of your own mirror as you were in our changing room. And we’re confident that our outfits bring the most compliments!

The cure for identikit dressing!

When you shop in the same places as everyone else, you end up looking like everyone else. You can turn up to after-work drinks in the same blouse as 2 of your colleagues once and it’s a funny story.When it happens again you start to look a little like a stalker!
You’re a unique individual, full of interesting college stories, weird talents, and fascinating facts. Your clothes should reflect your character. But when every online high street store is serving up the same version of school-run chic (luxe joggers and logo sweats anyone?), or trying to make us all wear tie-dye it’s hard to make your wardrobe feel like you.This is why at Luna we wake up every morning excited to bring you effortless style and unique pieces. With new finds constantly appearing in store, you’re less likely to feel like a clone! Come hang out with us! (We have awesome playlists, and some excellent stories) Or browse the gems we have to offer online, shop now and show us how you’ve styled them!

Luna... for the individual you are.

Our Customers Showing Up Fabulous!


Our Mission Is To Give You Fresh Looks Every Week

Week after week, we bring in new looks that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. You will find the latest fashions from Italy, German, France and our beloved England to make you look your best. Visit one of our stores and walk into a field of colour. You will find a helpful, friendly and no pressure environment. We help you find the best clothes that fit your shape and colour, just like your own personal stylist. Customers say they feel like we’re shopping just for them.


We have lots of great new products on our Instagram before they hit the website! Make sure you follow us to stay up to date with all our beautiful new pieces.