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Do you ever find yourself standing in your local boutique, rifling through rails, with absolutely no idea what you should buy?
Do you feel like you were absent the day they handed out all the style rules, and now you feel lost when trying to pick an outfit?
Do you buy the same pieces of clothing over and over again because someone once told you that blue made your eyes pop, or your gran announced at a family party that your boobs were too big for a crew neck T-shirt ?
Want to know the secrets that will make getting dressed in the morning, and going shopping a breeze? Want to be able to pull together the perfect outfit, suited to you, in no time at all?
Hi, I’m Caroline,and I’ve been running fashion boutiques for 11 years! People would always ask me for advice on which colours and styles would suit them best. And I loved helping them discover how incredible they could look in the right shapes and tones. Becoming qualified as a “Colour Me Beautiful” image consultant was the missing piece in my toolkit.
Using my decade of styling experience, and my Colour Me Beautiful qualifications, you can work with me to iron out your style niggles, or create a whole new wardrobe after a life change.
Are you heading back to work after maternity leave and unsure of how to build a new wardrobe? Or perhaps your weight has changed and you don’t feel as comfortable in your current clothes.

Here at Caroline Dallas Styling, we have the perfect solution for you. Here are some of the things I offer to make you happier in your clothes.


Colour Consultation

This 2-hour consultation is the foundation you need when building your style. In this session you’ll discover:
  • What colours, shades, and tones will suit you best
  • Which combinations are fantastic on you
  • You perfect makeup colours
You’ll find out whether you look best in cool or warm colours, light or deep shades, and soft or clear tones.
Take the guessing out of all your shopping!

Personal Styling Session

As well as colours, working out your shape is key to developing your best personal style. In a Personal Styling Session you’ll discover which of the 6 categories of body shape you fall into, where your waist sits, and other factors to keep in mind when choosing clothes. This information will set you free to find the clothing and accessories that will balance your proportions and make you look your best.

Leave with oodles of confidence in who you are and how to create a style that feels like you.


Makeup Session

Want to update your look on a budget? Makeup is your secret weapon! A new shade of lipstick, or different eye colour can completely change the way you look.
We’ll start by working out your dominant colouring and find the right products for you. My makeup training means I can help you choose the perfect concealer, foundation, or eye shadow for your skin type. And you’ll learn the best way to apply these products for the look you want.

This is a great treat before a special occasion, or a gift for a special friend.

£45 per hour
style 4

Online Consultation

If you’re not able to come to my studio, or you live a little further away, then the online consultation is a great start.
In this consultation, you’ll discover your dominant colouring type, and key information that will help you make more informed choices about the colours you should wear to make you look your best. I use a photo of you and a questionnaire to help me find your perfect match in clothes as well as makeup
style five

Personal Shopping

Do you sometimes wish you had your own personal Fairy Godmother to whisk around the High Street with you and magic up the perfect capsule wardrobe? Then this is the package for you!
Come out with me for a morning, scouring the high street (or online if you’d prefer) for your perfect pieces. Taking the information we’ve discovered about your best colours and shapes we can head straight for the items that will make you feel fantastic!
This relaxed session will give you the tools you need to shop for yourself, whatever your budget. And we’ll have a lot of fun along the way!
£65 per hour
style six

Wardrobe Edit

(only available after a Personal Styling Session)
Feel refreshed with a full wardrobe edit!
Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you haven’t worn in forever just taking up space (and making you feel guilty)? How good would it feel to open your wardrobe in the morning, knowing that you can choose anything there and you’ll feel amazing?

With my Wardrobe Edit, we can get rid of clothes that just don’t work on you, and look at working new combinations of your existing pieces to bring them a new lease of life. You can highlight gaps in your wardrobe to make going shopping so much easier.
This is one of my most popular packages – a wonderful deep cleanse that leaves you feeling light and confident!
£65 per hour

Conference Talks

I’m passionate about making the magic of colour and style available to everyone. One of my favourite things to do is introduce these ideas to a larger group of people in an engaging and relatable way.
If you’re running a retreat, looking for a fun addition to your team-building day, or you want to train your team my talks are perfect
Get in touch to find out how I can enhance your event
From £250

Colour And Styling Parties

Are you looking for an original way to celebrate a friend’s birthday? Or to get together with a group of besties? My Colour and Styling Parties are so much fun! With the option to add refreshments, bubbly, balloons, and a treat for the host you can plan the perfect party!
Colour Party:
  • Learn your dominant colouring and the best makeup for you
  • Look at daytime and evening colours and styles
  • Find the perfect skincare routine for you
Style Party:
  • Find out your body shape
  • Identify the best styles for you
  • Discover tips on how to dress cleverly and always feel confident
Suitable for up to 6 friends, family, or work colleagues.
From £45 per person

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